New Trailhead Modules (and a badge!)

trailhead-bannerHave you checked out Trailhead lately?  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?  The answer SHOULD be “yes” to both!


You like imaginary internet points right?  You also like BADGES too, right?

Again, the answer SHOULD be “yes” to both!

CaptureI just went through the new “Build a Battle Station App” Trailhead project and I have to admit it’s one of the best “learn the basics of Salesforce declarative setup” projects that I’ve seen so far.  This one takes you all the way from basic object setup to reporting and SF1 all within about 30-45 minutes of your afternoon.


Don’t stop there!  There’s a whole NEW TRAIL called “Admin Advanced” that yours truly actually helped shape via the “Advanced Formula” module.  Careful – SteveMo was a big one on here too, so you know you’re in for some learning…and owing him a beer when you’re done.

CaptureHungry for some hardcore Apex REST/SOAP callout magic?  There’s a module for you too!  A wonderful post that walks you through the crazy language of Apex callouts and how to master them!

Are you yeti to earn new badges?!


Taking Notes – Cloud Application

I’m an avid note taker.  On my shelf at home, you’ll find dozens of 100% used notebooks full of notes from business meetings, community events, volunteering, etc.  I would haul these things around but often would have inevitably forgotten the one notebook I needed at home.

Enter Evernote.

Man I love this app.  I have it installed on my work laptop, home computer, Android Phone, and iPad.  (The basic edition is free – you only need to purchase a subscription if you want to start sharing / collaborating on notes with other people.)

No matter where I go – Evernote keeps all of my notes centralized and synchronized between all devices all the time.  Even if I don’t have Internet access at the time, I can view all of my notes, make changes, and next time I’m online the changes will just sync up in the background.

Oh man – what a difference one app makes, and another shining example of how awesome properly thought-out cloud utility apps are.  NICE.