The ghost of my video game past…to the Kinect.

“Hello, my name is Andy Boettcher….and I am a gamer.”


I am indeed a gamer.  Actually, gaming is what got me into the whole field of computers / technology.  My parents started me out on an old Atari 400 with a keyboard and a CASSETTE drive for Zaxxon.  (great story grandpa…)  Then at some point in grade school, they came home with a Nintendo.  I was hooked.

Snap to nearly a decade and a half ago, back in high school with my 8 computers connected via 10Base-T Ethernet sharing a dial-up modem in my parent’s basement, my friends and I consumed crates of Mountain Dew, Chex Mix, and BAWLS energy drinks while playing Doom, Quake, Quake II, and all of the other awesome games that were the roots of gaming today.

(my metabolism is nothing like it was “back in the day”)

Fast forward to today, I’ve more or less left the PC gaming world for the XBOX360.  Mainly because I built a home theatre with a 103″ HD projection that I play games like Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, HALO, and Gears of War on.  Tough to go back to my 19″ LCD monitor to crank up Steam or something of the like though.  (yes, I had my PC hooked up to the theatre when I first built it, but the whole keyboard / mouse thing was just cumbersome)

I picked up the Microsoft Kinect for the family Christmas present this year.  WHAT A BLAST.  Oh man that thing is FUN as HECK!  As you probably read from one of the millions of news stories about it when it came out, the open source community rushed in and are still developing drivers and applications to use this awesome device.

Microsoft (intentionally or not) has made a game changer.  Not only does this thing rock for gaming, but it’s one of the first massively-produced 3D camera devices that people can focus on creating solutions around – instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by creating the camera itself.  Flipping awesome.

In comes  Great site.  Doesn’t hurt that the first video I saw on there was someone who adapted the interface to play some old school DOOM and Legend of Zelda.  =)

Game on my friends…