New Trailhead Modules (and a badge!)

trailhead-bannerHave you checked out Trailhead lately?  Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?  The answer SHOULD be “yes” to both!


You like imaginary internet points right?  You also like BADGES too, right?

Again, the answer SHOULD be “yes” to both!

CaptureI just went through the new “Build a Battle Station App” Trailhead project and I have to admit it’s one of the best “learn the basics of Salesforce declarative setup” projects that I’ve seen so far.  This one takes you all the way from basic object setup to reporting and SF1 all within about 30-45 minutes of your afternoon.


Don’t stop there!  There’s a whole NEW TRAIL called “Admin Advanced” that yours truly actually helped shape via the “Advanced Formula” module.  Careful – SteveMo was a big one on here too, so you know you’re in for some learning…and owing him a beer when you’re done.

CaptureHungry for some hardcore Apex REST/SOAP callout magic?  There’s a module for you too!  A wonderful post that walks you through the crazy language of Apex callouts and how to master them!

Are you yeti to earn new badges?!


Girl Scout Cookie Year One…in the books.

This was Claire’s first year selling Girl Scout Cookies – she could only sell to people she knows or go door-to-door with a parent.  She is a Daisy, therefore she isn’t allowed to setup cookie booths or stands at grocery stores / gas stations / flower shops / etc so we thought that this year was going to be kinda rough.

We started out with two dozen (approx) boxes of cookies – Claire brought them home and we were all nervous that if we weren’t able to sell them, that we would get stuck buying them ourselves.  Oh how wrong we were.

Four afternoons (nine hours total) of walking door-to-door, selling to co-workers, selling to family and friends….<drum roll please…>

353 boxes sold to date, and we have two more large orders to fill.  The only thing that limited us was snow storms, subzero weather, and me not asking for more cookies from our troop’s cookie mom.  The final stats for the troop came out and Claire had the next scout beat by 100+ boxes.  Granted – this isn’t truly a competition between scouts, but a little parental pride kicks in when your kid whoops some butt.

The really neat part of the whole thing was that Claire didn’t just WANT to get out and sell cookies – she had FUN doing it, and I made sure that I was just “the muscle” pulling the cart and making sure the right amount of money was collected / change given.  She did the entire sales pitch, chose where we were going to go selling, and was truly disappointed when I said that selling was over last weekend.

Next year, Claire wants to double that number.  =)

Warrior Dash, Here I Come!

Running a 5K is one thing, but running a 5K through a wooded area overcoming obstacles such as:

  • Sliding down a muddy hill
  • Crawling through tunnels
  • Climbing over a wall
  • Rappelling down a ravine
  • Climbing up large hay bales
  • Crawling over old junked cars
  • Running through sand piles
  • Running up a ski hill
  • Climbing up and over a cargo net
  • Jumping over a wall of FIRE
  • Army-crawling under barbed wire

Am I nuts??!  Yeah, pretty much, but I get a helmet with horns as a trophy for completing it.  That’s worth the price of admission.

July 23rd, 2011 – 10am, shoes and whatever crazy outfit I feel like wearing – good to go.

Now – only to get myself to be able to RUN a 5k. I can bike 75 miles in one shot without much issue, but running is a totally different story.  Ooorah.