First “Ride” of the Year…

OH MAN I’m going to feel that in the morning.  On the trainer, 15 miles, 45 minutes, avg 18mph on 7/10 resistance.  My pre-exercise meal consisted of five “Dollar Store” chocolate-covered graham crackers and a Surly Furious.

I’m going to have to work on that pre-exercise meal part.

After the high temps in the morning got down to 20 last year, I stopped biking – which I logged on GreenLightRide as 10/16/2010.  Since then, I didn’t do SQUAT until mid-December (1/2 laziness, 1/2 pneumonia) when I started “playing racquetball” twice a week or so with my best bud Brian.  I use the “quotation marks” because we’re more just randomly slapping the ball around the court and not trying to kill ourselves rather than playing a respectable real game.  Tonight something popped into my head that I was done sitting around; that I needed to get back on my bike and work off my winter coat.  Perhaps having just registered for the Warrior Dash (5K) and MN Ironman Bike Ride (68 miles) could have been part of it?  Maybe.

My poor road bike is still halfway taken apart in my living room – I’ve been kind of putting it aside since the $17 “parts bike” I found at Goodwill didn’t exactly pan out like I wanted.  Silver lining about that Goodwill bike is that for $150 or so for a good tuneup and some parts, anyone can turn that into a respectable touring bike and ride with me this year.  After I was done riding, I walked upstairs to get some water and saw “Old Blue” sitting there all sad in the living room – as if he was saying, “hey man, tighten up my handlebars and we’ll take a tour around the block!”  Sorry Old Blue, but it’s like -2 right now.

Man though, the body is a magical thing.  Even after sitting on my butt for almost two months, the first 15 minutes on the bike were killer – just as I remember used to be the case from biking last season.  At minute 14 I just about stopped; my butt was numb, my legs were on fire, my back ached.  But then, at minute 15, I hit my stride and went for another half an hour while watching CSI: Miami.