Discover Lightning on Trailhead!

Lightning-1024x512Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately in the Salesforce community, you’ve heard about the new Lightning Experience (“LEX”) due out in Winter ’16!  (queue elated yet half-scared applause and amazement)

Also, unless you’ve been living under a rock or have not read my previous posts, I’m a pretty rabid fan of Salesforce Trailhead as well – and they have come through with bright shiny colors on delivering FOUR NEW TRAILS all around migrating, administering, and developing around the initial release of LEX.  If you are a developer, administrator, or even end-user – there are trails for you!

My biggest questions have been around “what works and what doesn’t so I can accurately advise my clients”.  I’m slowly digesting the new Winter ’16 pre-release notes that dropped at the end of last week, but as I’ve said before – Trailhead content is written in a way to cut right to the quick; give me contextually-appropriate major chunks of information and test me to ensure I comprehended it right.  There are many times where a Trailhead challenge has given me information in JUST SLIGHTLY a different light that (full pun intended) sets off the light bulb in my brain.

Without further ado, I wanted to introduce you to the four new Trailhead trails and my take on each.  You’ll see some overlap between some of the trails – some modules and challenges cross trails to ensure maximum contextual assistance.

Trail 1:  “Admin Trail – Migrating to Lightning Experience”


Who:  Admins and Developers

What:  Four modules walk you through topics such as:

  • What is LEX and is it right for your organization?
    • Yes!  There are things that work and don’t work – this is “version 1” ya know…
  • How to enable LEX for discovery and testing
  • Navigating setup and new LEX-exclusive enhancements
  • Customizing the LEX UI and a re-introduction to Actions
    • Bye-bye URL hacks!
    • Bye-bye Javascript buttons!
    • Bye-bye raw URL navigation!
  • Setting yourself up for a successful deployment

When:  Do this one first.

Why:  Unless your users are a group of supermen and superwomen that can handle any blip that comes their way, LEX is going to be a tough rollout – specifically in user training and “Salesforce Classic” feature parity.  Start your education here.

Trail 2:  “Admin Trail – Starting with Lightning Experience”


Who:  Admins and Developers

What:  Three modules walk you through topics such as:

  • Introduction to Salesforce and Lightning
  • Diving into the new Opportunity Workspace
  • Customizing Layouts, Actions, Objects, and Fields
  • Executing a LEX education plan and strategy for your company
  • Dropping the hammer:  LEX Rollout

When:  Do this one second.

Why:  LEX is the #1 largest UI-based change in over a decade.  The underlying administration concepts and foundational abilities aren’t changing, but how you and your users access them are.  You need to learn the gaps that do exist in LEX v1 and how to appropriately mitigate or delay each area so you aren’t left high and dry.

NOTE!  This trail was originally designed for brand new admins who are walking into a Winter ’16 org with LEX enabled, but EVERYONE can learn from this module.

Trail 3:  “Developer Trail – Lightning Experience”


Who:  Developers primarily, but Admins can learn a LOT from this as well

What:  Five modules walk you through topics such as:

  • What is LEX and is it right for your organization?
    • Yes!  There are things that work and don’t work – this is “version 1” ya know…
  • How to enable LEX for discovery and testing
  • UI framework and approach
  • How LEX impacts Visualforce overall
  • How LEX impacts ISVs, Packaging, and the AppExchange
    • How to tell if your 3rd party packages are ready for LEX
  • What else is changing with development tools?
  • How to use Visualforce within the LEX framework
    • Overall expectations
    • Navigation
    • Styling
    • What NOT to do in LEX
  • How to use Lightning Components with the LEX framework
    • Components and Attributes
    • Standard and Components
    • Events and JavaScript handling
  • Lightning Design System (LDS)
    • Salesforce has released a Salesforce bootstrap framework
    • How to use it
    • How NOT to use it…

When:  Do this one third overall, or if you’re a dev – do it first just for LDS.

Why:  Because you’re a developer and have questions about how your knowledge will convert into the LEX world – flat out.  Salesforce does not have any delusions that LEX will be perfect on “day 1”, nor do they expect that everyone will be able to transition over even within the next few releases.  What they do expect is that you will take the lessons learned here and start making smart design decisions so that when you are ready to move, you can.

Trail 4:  “Sales Rep Trail – Using Lightning Experience”


Who:  Admins, Developers, and END USERS (yes!  I said END USERS!)

What:  Two modules walk you through concepts such as:

  • What is Salesforce?
  • What is LEX?
  • Working with your Admins
  • Working with Leads and Opportunities in LEX
  • Leveraging Reports & Dashboards (and more) in LEX

When:  This is a great follow-up to the other trails, or a must for your users as part of your rollout strategy – even if you have seasoned veteran users.

Why:  One thing that admins and devs often skip over is the user experience – or how users will be introduced and trained on the system.  We’re so often mired in the details of fields, triggers, and workflow that we completely space that someone will have to advance their Opportunity through the new Sales Path in LEX.  This module is KEY for getting some good ol’ fashioned context.  =)

IN SUMMARY!  (Yes, I’m finally done!)

  • LEX is BIG.  Not like DF keynote/Benioff’s shoes big – like impacting your career big.
  • Trailhead = awesome.  I can’t pick a better word for it.
  • Salesforce has gifted you a fast-track with Trailhead.  Use it.
  • If you want a Winter ’16 LEX org before your sandbox window – you have to do these modules
    • Pre-release org activation is queued and prioritized based on your Trailhead progress
  • Sound off on Twitter!  Mention me (@andyboettcher) when you complete a badge!  I want to hear from all of you!

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