Rolling back a Sandbox Refresh

Who hasn’t this happened to…you’re working a project and either someone at the company, another employee, or another consultant refreshes the sandbox without letting anyone know and unless you’re using Eclipse or Mavenmate, your work is gone.

This happened to a colleague of mine yesterday and my first reaction was, “oh that is horrible, sounds like you’re screwed.”  How wrong I was!

I didn’t believe it either when someone told me, but having worked through the process with Salesforce support with my colleague yesterday – I can testify to this being accurate and true!


Yup!  Salesforce can roll back an activated sandbox refresh if you meet the following criteria:

  • There is a clear business case as to why this needs to happen
  • You are within 72 hours of the new sandbox activation
  • You log a Case with support outlining your Prod and Sandbox org Ids
  • You are very nice to the support rep and answer their calls *laugh*
  • You have a better chance at getting this done in the necessary time frame if you have premier support, but the whole process took only a few hours

Now, I wouldn’t advise this as a normal addition to your disaster recovery plan, nor would I invoke this unless an absolute emergency, but it’s nice to know that if you were silly and didn’t have any kind of backup plan while developing (*giggle*) that you have a worst-case scenario option.

Code on!

One thought on “Rolling back a Sandbox Refresh

  1. This is one of the reasons you should keep your orgs under a CI system, and every build saves a snapshot of all metadata into a service like github. Not only does it save you from “whoops, refreshed!” issues, it also saves you from stupid mistakes like deleting page layouts, blowing away help text, wiping out triggers/classes/pages, and so forth.

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