Installing Mavensmate on Win7 64bit

**** NOTE *****

Since the posting of this article, MavensMate has completely overhauled their Windows installation process to use ST’s Package Manager.  It’s a vastly superior solution than what this article was created to help work through.  Please visit MavensMate’s installation guide at to learn more!


Hello everyone!

I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus as of late – learning new tools and processes, applying them to my toolbelt has been consuming my time as of late.

One of those tools that has been around for a while, but finally someone got it through my head to try out is Mavensmate by Joe Ferraro.

Built as a plugin for Sublime Text Editor 3, Mavensmate is a dream for editing code, using keyboard shortcuts to do so, working with code coverage, and getting in some Tetris during those long-running deploys.  =)

Installing MM on a Mac is a breeze, but a Windows7 64bit install took me two days to figure out.  My post here today is to help those who are trying to do the same thing not kill the same two days it took me.

1.  Sign up for a GitHub account

2.  Install the Git for Windows package per the instructions:

3.  Download and install Chrome

4.  Download and install Sublime Text 3 (32 bit only!  64 bit will NOT work!)

5.  Do NOT start the Mavensmate installer yet; you need to first generate and install the Git SSH key:

6.  Download the Mavensmate installer

Now – this is where it gets tricky…start up the Mavensmate installer but DO NOT PROCEED beyond the first screen.  If you proceed beyond the first screen the install will fail and you’ll be quite frustrated with an error message that doesn’t give you what the real problem is.

At this point – at the first screen of the Mavensmate installer, open up Sublime Text Editor 3 (32 bit).  When it finishes loading up, proceed through the rest of the Mavensmate installer.  You will see a “mavensmate” menu item appear in Sublime near the end of the install.

7.  Proceed with the remaining steps on the official Mavensmate Windows install page

That’s it!  You’ll be up and rocking with Mavensmate in short order.  I haven’t looked back.  =)


12 thoughts on “Installing Mavensmate on Win7 64bit

  1. Thank you so much! I will give these instructions a try and see if it works out.

    Dawn Balke Administrator
    14605 28th Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55447
    P. 763-551-2663 | C. 651-270-0816 |
    Customer Support 800-444-4729

  2. I have followed the instructions and everything went fine up until I tried to download the Mavensmate installer and I got this error message


    Any suggestions?

    Dawn Balke Administrator
    14605 28th Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55447
    P. 763-551-2663 | C. 651-270-0816 |
    Customer Support 800-444-4729

  3. Hey bro, I don’t think Step 6 “Download the Mavensmate installer” is supported anymore. Or, maybe you could expound on that step? I had to use the git clone method because their stupid package manager is stupid.

    • Hi mrBlaQ!

      Yeah, with one of their latest releases they moved 100% away from the old method that this post references and moved to the installer route. I’ve installed and helped upgrade/install dozens of MM instances on Win7 machines – what problem are you hitting?

  4. Hi,
    I am trying very hard to install mavensmate plugin on my windows 64 bit, but I am not able to do it….plz help.

    Thx….Nikhil (Salesforce Developer)

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