Salesforce Twin Cities Developer User Group

A quick announcement for everyone – I will be working with Salesforce to lead the Twin Cities (MN) Developers User Group in 2012.  There will be some more formal and Salesforce-backed communications coming out in early 2012 – stay tuned!

The focus of the group will be to bring Twin Cities (MN) based Salesforce technical professionals who are looking to connect with peers together for the sharing of knowledge, tips/tricks, and (technical) network building.

If you would like to join up, please check out the following information:

Facebook Group:

LinkedIn Group:


2 thoughts on “Salesforce Twin Cities Developer User Group

  1. H Techman,

    Sub: How2get all objects dynamically nd place on VF Page.search4record in those obj nd display

    I have 3 sections on VF Page.

    Section 1: 1 text box(for searching records) and 1 Search button.

    Section 2 : Get all objects dynamically and place in this section.(if you checked all objects that should search in all objects for that record or if you select particular objects that should search on those selected objects.)

    Section 3 : the resulted records shold come here along with sections(for example if we found record in the account object that should come under account section. like wise for all objects sections should come here).


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