Taking Notes – Cloud Application

I’m an avid note taker.  On my shelf at home, you’ll find dozens of 100% used notebooks full of notes from business meetings, community events, volunteering, etc.  I would haul these things around but often would have inevitably forgotten the one notebook I needed at home.

Enter Evernote.

Man I love this app.  I have it installed on my work laptop, home computer, Android Phone, and iPad.  (The basic edition is free – you only need to purchase a subscription if you want to start sharing / collaborating on notes with other people.)

No matter where I go – Evernote keeps all of my notes centralized and synchronized between all devices all the time.  Even if I don’t have Internet access at the time, I can view all of my notes, make changes, and next time I’m online the changes will just sync up in the background.

Oh man – what a difference one app makes, and another shining example of how awesome properly thought-out cloud utility apps are.  NICE.

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