Hundreds of miles and working a lot!

Wow it’s been a long time since I wrote on here. I’ve put down about 550 miles on the bike since the last post, including my first century ride and my first ride with Team Cargill on the MS150. Both INCREDIBLE events and I’m looking forward to doing both again next year.

Century Ride – the Leinenkugel’s Century Ride (102 miles, about 7 hours).  Incredible scenery, but holy heck the far end of the route had a 4-5 mile mostly uphill grade.  Insane, but so incredibly rewarding crossing that finish line.  The free Leinenkugel’s beer and brats were a nice touch.  =)

MS150 – Duluth, MN to White Bear Lake, MN over two days (150 miles, combined approx 8 hours of wheels spinning time).  This is the first event that I’ve truly experienced the benefit of pack/group riding.  There was a point on the first day where a group of us were cruising at a fairly sustained 26-28mph for about 6 miles, and a VERY large pack of Target, UnitedHealthGroup, Cargill, and solo riders in a draft line of about 50-60 doing 23-25mph for about 12 miles.  One of the ladies on the Target team had a radio pumping out some music a few riders up from us in that line, so that made the time fly by even faster.

Most of my time since the last post has been settling into my new role at Demand Chain Systems.  I came on in January as a “Senior CRM Technologist”, working on every facet of the business from sales support / light PM to hardcore APEX coding.  Picked up my Salesforce Admin and Developer certifications and haven’t looked back since.  Salesforce is such an incredible platform that allows users and developers to focus on quickly delivering real-world applicable solutions rather than monkey around with framework and building webpages from scratch.  With too many awesome features to list, a Java-based programming language on top of it (APEX / Visualforce) practically allows you to build anything you want.  More on that in later posts.

Also in other biking news, I logged my 2,000th road mile since getting back on the bike in 2010.  I was leading a ride for the Hiawatha Bike Club down south of my house and I yelled out “WHOOOO!” as my bike compy clicked that last 1/10th of a mile.  Awesome!  Only 1,189 miles left to hit my 2,000 mile goal for the year.  Hopefully the Minnesota weather will start cooperating with me.


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