My shiny new (old) bike – back in action!

Ol’ Blue is back in action!  Kudos to Penn Cycle in Eagan, MN on their excellent service!  They were running a “1/2-off service” sale and I bit hard.

  • New brakes
  • New cassette
  • New chain
  • Repacked front and back bearings (new bearings)
  • Repacked bottom bracket (new bearings)
  • Brakes / Brake cables
  • Shifter cables
  • THOROUGH cleaning (I didn’t know the bike was blue in some of these places!)

$79 for the overhaul, $75 for parts.

I just got my HTC EVO handlebar mount shipped in from China, so I can better track and map out my routes as well.

We have nine people in our group now that are biking (friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family LOL, etc) and are trying to goad more people into it.  This should be FUN – especially since I’m dressing appropriately this year – HA!

First stop – 65 (or maybe 100) mile Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride – May 1st, 2011!


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