Assembling and assessing the bike..

Preparing for the 2011 cycling season – exciting and a bummer all at the same time.  I brought my bike inside and started fixing all of the little problems (brake adjustments, handlebar adjustments, general cleaning, etc) but it is becoming more apparent that I need to lay down a good chunk of change to get some larger components fixed:

  • Bottom Bracket replacement
  • Cassette (broken tooth)
  • Chain (if I’m replacing the cassette, need to do this…)

Ugh I dislike spending money, but I suppose I should have chosen a different activity to avoid that eh?  =)

UPDATE:  Whoo hoo!  Local bike shop is offering 50% off their “total overhaul” package which includes full cleaning, bearing repacks, bottom bracket repack / rebuild, and general tune-up – and they said that the package would include the labor to replace the cassette and chain.  Total damage, ~$200 including parts.  Awesome!


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