Cycling Goal in 2011 – with Technology!

2,000 miles.  There…it’s posted.  Publicly and for the world to see.  I’m shouting it from the mountain tops – I want to ride 2,000 miles in 2011.

Why?  Keep reading.

This morning, I found an excellent blog site – Biking to Live.  It is written from the perspective of someone who I can so closely relate to – working full time, balancing family, not exactly in the best shape of my life, and passionate about something once I hook my claws into it.  Heck, he even likes to hit the XBOX on the weekends.  =)

One of the pages on his site, Road Cycling for Beginners, is great – it talks about how to get started, some real reasons why new cyclists quit, and how to keep your motivation going.

On one of my previous posts on here, I quickly mentioned the cycling / biking group that we formed with some family and friends, The KBV Bicycling Team.  There are a few core members that really hit the roads / trails last year and racked up some serious miles (>1200 each) and I fully expect that group to grow in 2011.  However, with any group where participation involves spending money (supported tours) and hours if not days (multi-day tours or those far away from home) away from “normal life” or a family at a time, there are naturally varying levels of involvement.  Everyone in our group is AWESOME; no one signs up to be in a group like this unless they have SOME level of interest and drive to participate.  But, as one of the leaders of the group I do feel it is my responsibility to try and pump everyone up in every way I can think of – such as:

  • Posting various how-to and interesting community articles on our Facebook group
  • Talking about how wonderful it feels to have the wind blow through your helmet – at any speed
  • How really inexpensive it can be to get started – despite what the “experts” say you need to spend
  • That the entire group supports them, no matter how, when, and how far they choose to ride
  • Posting opportunities to ride – both in structured (tour) and unstructured (group ride) settings
  • Encouraging everyone just to have fun – that’s half of why I do this.

Being a leader of the KBV group, reading Biking to Live, and being the general happy-go-lucky guy like I am, that is why I’m posting my goals on here – and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

Now, being me – I always have to bring technology into the mix.  I’m a technophile at heart, so I have an insatiable urge to leverage technology to enhance my experiences.  =)

Applied Technology #1:  Facebook.

Our Facebook group, The KBV Bicycling Team is used to communicate ride information, encouragement, and challenges

Applied Technology #2:  Smartphone.

I picked up an HTC EVO last year, but did not have a great way to use it on rides apart from turning the GPS on and putting it in my saddlebag to map my ride.  I found a company in China that makes secure handlebar mounts specifically for the EVO.  I plan on planting that puppy right next to my speedometer and leverage MapMyRide and GreenLightRide more.

Applied Technology #3:  MapMyRide and GreenLightRide

Tipping my hand a bit here to my group, one of my best motivating factors with cycling is to rack up the most miles.  Dual benefit…I get bragging rights over my sister and cousin (ha!) but I know that by pushing myself to get those extra 5 or so miles in per ride or spin that I’m just that much closer to losing the extra small child’s worth (50lbs) of extra weight that I’m carrying around with me.  Using websites like MapMyRide and GreenLightRide are great to track my miles (GLR) and to use my phone to GPS-map routes (MMR).  I’ve offered GLR my services literally for free to develop a mobile app to help track miles and map routes via GPS, but we shall see if they respond – HA!

So here’s the big question for everyone reading this…

What is your cycling goal for 2011?


2 thoughts on “Cycling Goal in 2011 – with Technology!

  1. Techman97, thanks for the kind comments regarding my blog. I very much appreciate it. Putting your goal out there for everyone to see will keep you pushing towards that 2000 miles.

    You’ve got a nice site yourself. I’ve subscribed.

    I’m mainly a Call of Duty player on xbox. Send me a friend request @ DadsDoghouse

    • You’re very welcome Brian – it was very good to find your blog and reaffirm that there are “normal” people out there like you and I instead of the wider perceived gap between where I am and where the 150lb 6’2″ cyclists who sneer while blasting by me at 30mph are.

      Keep up the good writing!

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