Warrior Dash, Here I Come!

Running a 5K is one thing, but running a 5K through a wooded area overcoming obstacles such as:

  • Sliding down a muddy hill
  • Crawling through tunnels
  • Climbing over a wall
  • Rappelling down a ravine
  • Climbing up large hay bales
  • Crawling over old junked cars
  • Running through sand piles
  • Running up a ski hill
  • Climbing up and over a cargo net
  • Jumping over a wall of FIRE
  • Army-crawling under barbed wire

Am I nuts??!  Yeah, pretty much, but I get a helmet with horns as a trophy for completing it.  That’s worth the price of admission.

July 23rd, 2011 – 10am, shoes and whatever crazy outfit I feel like wearing – good to go.

Now – only to get myself to be able to RUN a 5k. I can bike 75 miles in one shot without much issue, but running is a totally different story.  Ooorah.


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