Cloud-based VoIP Carrier…with an API??! Sweet.

I stumbled on this site the other day –  There are MANY SIP providers out there in the market today (hundreds of thousands) and they all charge around that magical 1.4 cents/minute inbound and 1.9 cents/minute mark.  Twilio does the same, but what got me really excited about them is their API.

Yes – someone got smart at Twilio and put out an API – a truly AWESOME API.  This is another great example of a company filling a need in the marketplace for others to use to make truly remarkable end solutions.

Recently I joined up with an Eden Prairie MN-based company that delivers solutions in the CRM (Salesforce, MS CRM, etc) market – truly a remarkable market to be in right now, and one that again “trips my trigger” as being able to work with companies that need creative solutions.  To throw another log on the fire, some kind soul in the Salesforce Development community has laid the groundwork to integrate the two platforms.

I’m totally geeking out right now.  Check Twilio out!

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